Misc Items:

Wing back chairs, nice couch, office chairs, cabinets, piano bench, antique round wooden stool, portable picnic table, rolling metal shelf, nice oak cabinets, glass pane oak door, glass insert entry door with frame, small rolling oak computer desk, wooden coffee table, adjustable shelf, small portable wooden podium, oak custom made desk (very nice), filing cabinet, rolling oak cabinet,  and more being added......

Temaat Auctions

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Leonardville, KS  66440


Abandoned Storage Unit Auction

On-line Only Auction 

Antique Singer sewing machine, 1968 Democratic Campaign bottle, Coca-Cola tray, cast Iron pieces, collection of Hummel Bells, group of carnival glass, old advertising items, old fashioned light bulbs,  stamps from around the world, old magazines (Ivana Trump, Princess Diana), Looney Tunes glasses, brass items, Italian pottery, antique bottle capper, hats, ammo box, old books (Modern World Geography book from 1841), antique metal picture frames, ostrich eggs, old wooden plane, mortar shell box and other wooden boxes, antique soda bottles and carrier, Normal Rockwell book,  and much more being added.......

Power tools including skill saws, angle grinder, drills, scroll saw, pipe wrenches, good socket sets, hammers, saws, open end wrenches, clamps, hand tools, extension cords, Craftsman ratchet, draw knife, rasps and files, hundreds of sockets in about every size, bulb planters, drill bits, saw horses, tree saws,  backpack sprayer, lots of nails, new Kohler faucets,  tool boxes, post driver, ax, weed eater,  and much more being added.........


Announcements made on day of sale take precedence over all other printed material and advertisements.  You are responsible for picking up your items during the allotted pick up dates/times. 

Auctioneer's Notes:  We are clearing out 2 abandoned storage units.  Very large sale with many unique and "one of a kind" type items.   Please come back to the site often as we are adding items nearly every day.  

 Sunday,  November 26, 2017  7:00pm


Exercise machine, antique scooter,  rolling cart, newspaper log roller, household items,  jewelry and watches, bread machine, mannequins, stainless steel bowls, T-shirts (size large), coffin shaped planter, Partini game, dominos, fishing poles, lap tray, carpet remnants, digital cameras, tablet keyboard,  sausage maker, plastic yard chairs, slow moving signs, 10x10 pop up tent, baby swing, sprinklers, 75+ music CD's,  and much more being added......


Full Service Auction Professionals.

 Manhattan, KS

Bids Closing at 7:00pm; November 26, 2017