We are one of the very few auctioneers in Kansas that has the software and the systems to market your items to a large on-line audience throughout the entire Mid-West.

Our LOCAL ON-LINE auctions are perfect for those "unique" items that need more than just a few people to see them.  We have over 1000 registered bidders at every online auction.

Our LOCAL ON-LINE auctions are perfect if you have just a few things to clean out of a garage, basement, or storage unit.   Sometimes you just don't have enough to warrant a live auction, but don't want to donate it either.

Our LOCAL ON-LINE auctions are much easier than having a yard sale or estate "tag" sale.  You don't have to decide on prices, set around and wait for people to show up at your house just to offer you less than you priced it.  We can save you time!

Our LOCAL ON-LINE auctions are much safer and quicker than selling your items one-by-one on Facebook or Craigslist.  We have perfected the logistics so you don't have to. 

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