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Collectibles Online Auction - Manhattan, KS

We have a selection of furniture including, dressers, end tables, coffee tables, an enamel top table and more.  Also small collectibles, household items, tools and others.....

Bids Close: November 13, 2022; 7:00pm

Multi - Estate Online Auction - Manhattan, KS

Auction Location: Manhattan, KS

Vintage Hand Tools, 2009 Saturn Van, collectibles and much more.

Auction Location: Manhattan, KS

Longaberger Basket Auction

                 We would LOVE to be your auctioneers!!!   Give us a call.                                            

                                        Mike Temaat 785-410-0476

We are constantly adding to our list of auctions.    We have several estates and collectors that are "on the books" to have their items sold by Temaat Auctions.  If we can help you, please contact us.

Details Soon

Multi-Estate Auction - Manhattan, KS

Auction Location: Manhattan, KS

Auction Location: Manhattan, KS

Bids Close: November 20, 2022;  7:00pm

Bids Close: October 30; 7:00pm

Bids Close: TBD

Details Soon

K-State Decanters, Diecast Farm (1st Gear, Banks, etc) Area Advertising, Sports Cards, DVD's Vintage glassware and more.....  Additional details soon.

Longaberger Baskets from several different sellers.

Sale Bill Soon