Local Auction Professionals.

LIVE AUCTION SERVICE - There is a difference in "who" you have do your live auction event!  You are not in the yard selling grandma's dishes, you are not in a cattle barn selling livestock....You are raising money for your event....it's different!

We have many years of experience at live charity auctions and have developed some best practices to help you maximize your profits.

ONLINE AUCTION - This works better than a "silent" auction because it is available to everyone including those who do not attend your event.   It also makes your items "biddable" for a longer period of time helping to increase profits.

Services Provided for Non-Profit Fundraisers 


OTHER SERVICES/PRODUCTS - We are developing other services and products that you can use to help your event be a huge success.  Other items would include fundraising programs, emcee services, sound equipment, music and more!