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Local On-Line Auctions

Temaat Auctions "ONLINE AUCTIONS" are a great way to expose and sell your items to 1000's of registered bidders throughout the mid-west (and growing every day).

Benefits of our LOCAL ON-LINE auctions:

--LARGE AUDIENCE.  We already have thousands of registered bidders that are all located within driving distance to your auction.  Plus, we are aggressively growing and expanding the reach of our bidder base every day to make the competition for your items even higher.

--CONVENIENT BIDDING.  Our buyers can bid in the comfort of their own home, at the office or even on the go with our mobile site.  They can also bid when they have time and not be restricted to a certain day and time to be "at an auction". 

--NO WEATHER AND SCHEDULE CONFLICTS.  Your auction will never be affected by the weather or other events in the community taking potential buyers from your auction.  Your auction is always climate controlled and never competes with games, other auctions, kids parties, wedding, etc.... More buyers=Higher Sales. 

--AGGRESSIVE MARKETING.  With our network of online partners and affiliations, we can market your auction very aggressively without a large budget. (no expensive local newspaper advertising costs here)  This saves you a lot of money and provides larger bottom line profits.


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