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Temaat Auctions "ONLINE AUCTIONS" are a great way to expose and sell your items to 1000's of registered bidders throughout the mid-west (and growing every day).

How our ON-LINE Auctions work:

--ITEM ASSESSMENT.  Make contact with our staff and we schedule a time to meet with you and assess the scope of your project including:  timeline, size of the project, location/storage of items and best practices for success

--AGREE ON TIMELINE.  We work together with you to agree on the best time and location to have the auction(s).   Most households will take multiple auctions to complete and obtain maximum profits.  

--DECIDE ON LOGISTICS.  Planning is the most important part of the online auction process.  How are items going to be sold, where will they be sold, who is responsible for the items, etc...   The storage,access and delivery of the items are equally important.

--AGREE ON FEE.   Our fees are based on services we provide for you.  We do not charge our sellers a commission percentage, that way you know what your auction will cost without any surprise fees and extra last minute costs.  



Local On-Line Auctions

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